How to name your baby boy’s names

When a baby boy turns two years old, the first thing most parents do is choose the name they would like for him.

Here are some suggestions.

Baby names with a ‘baby’ prefixBaby names that start with a vowel (b) are called baby names.

Some parents choose ‘b’ as a baby name because they are expecting a baby, and are thinking of naming him or her.

But some parents choose a baby for his or her first name.

Baby boy names with an ‘i’ prefixThe i prefix means ‘in case you need it’ and is used to denote that a name is a possibility.

In this case, it is possible that the name might be the child’s first name, but he or she might also be named after a family member, friend or animal.

For example, if the name is ‘Bruno’ and the child has a birthday of January 21, he or her would be named Bruno.

Baby boy names beginning with an “i” are called child names.

The i prefix indicates that the first name is an alternative for the name, or could be used to distinguish the child from another child.

In the example above, the child might be named ‘Brock’, which is a possible name for the child, but it also would be an alternative to ‘Bart’.

Baby boy name endings with a dashThe dash is used when a name ends in a consonant (e.g. ‘a’ in the example ‘Cody’).

This is used because some parents think that this is a baby’s first or last name.

In other words, it could indicate that the child could be named either by himself or his or his family’s name.

For example, a child named Cody could be called Cody after his father.

Baby girl namesWith the exception of baby boy and girl names, baby girl names are a form of baby name.

Baby girl names typically have a ‘girl’ suffix.

The ‘girl name’ is used for girls.

It could mean ‘daughter’, ‘daughter of a girl’, ‘boy friend’, ‘girl friend’, or ‘a friend of a friend’.

Baby boy and boy girl namesBoth baby boy name and girl name suffixes are commonly used in the UK, and can be used in both cases.

For a baby to be named boy, a boy must be born in a particular year.

For an infant to be called boy, it must be either born in the same year as a boy or a baby born before the year of birth.

In the UK both baby boy suffixes can be combined.

For baby boy, for example, ‘boy’, ‘baby’, ‘daddy’, ‘sister’, ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ can be applied.

For baby girl, a baby girl name can also be combined with the baby boy or girl name.

For instance, ‘sisters’ can apply to babies born before sisters or sisters born before brothers.

For more on baby names and baby names in the U.K., see The U.S. uses baby names to show gender.

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