When a baby deer squishes your dopplers

Baby deer have evolved a special way of detecting when someone’s looking at them.

The adorable creatures are born with tiny, tiny eyes that they can use to look for a human’s gaze.

It’s an eye trick that is so effective it can cause an allergic reaction.

The little guys have evolved an eye-tracking system that allows them to recognize a person’s gaze in real time, and then move their mouths in a bid to conceal their gaze.

Read more about deer:The little deer also have an extra pair of eyes that detect the scent of food and the sound of people speaking.

They can use these sensors to identify a person by scent alone.

For many years, the deer were thought to be only able to see in the dark.

But researchers have since found that these little guys are able to detect people in the bright light.

The scientists from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and the Australian National University have now tested the deer’s ability to see through opaque material.

In the test, the researchers used a mask that was about the size of a pencil eraser and that covered both eyes and had a thin layer of paint on top.

They then placed a camera over the mask to capture the deer reacting to the image.

They found that the deer would react to a person when they turned their head, or when their eyes turned into a little smile.

They could even spot the person if they had a different colour shirt on.

It was clear that the little deer were using their eyes to tell the researchers which face they were looking at, even if it was a mask.

The researchers say that these results are important as the deer have been identified as an important source of information for humans.

“It’s a really exciting development because it means that these animals are actually able to learn about humans and understand us,” Dr Andrew Jardine, one of the researchers from the university’s department of evolutionary biology, told ABC News.

“In terms of the human brain, they are incredibly useful in humans, and also for us as researchers.”

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