Why do babies bash each other on the head?

The best way to test if a baby’s bash is the best way is to have the child do it to you, a new study suggests.

A team of researchers from The University of Texas at Austin found that babies who do it often get the other’s attention, which can make them more playful.

And, as the researchers noted, that can make it even harder for the baby to leave the baby in the other child’s care.

“The best way for you to avoid having a baby bash is to make sure that he/she is doing it to another person,” lead researcher Jennifer A. McKeon told CNN.

The findings are published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In a second experiment, researchers asked three pairs of twins to bash each others heads, which the researchers call a baby dance.

The twins who did it were more likely to get the attention of their peers and the other siblings, who were more often called on to help the siblings.

A third experiment showed the same results: the twins who were bashful were more frequently called on by other siblings.

These results suggest that the baby bash may not be just a game to distract kids but may also be a form of parental bonding, researchers wrote in their paper.

[See more photos of baby bash] The researchers didn’t say why they found this, but their explanation could involve a social learning strategy that could help the baby develop a sense of security, they added.

“Our findings show that baby bash involves the interaction of two independent, social partners, but that these two partners’ interests and values are not always mutually exclusive,” McKeons said.

“In addition, the behavior seems to be specific to a specific situation.”

“The fact that the infants who did the baby dance were more active, aggressive and aggressive, and that they also had more sibling conflict and higher sibling aggression than the other twins suggests that the babies may be responding to the cues provided by the other members of their pair to be more assertive and assertive, and also more responsive to sibling cues,” McLeod added.

The research was conducted in Austin, Texas.

In the new study, researchers also took a look at how a baby who’s bashful might interact with other babies.

They found that when the baby had to fight to get attention, it tended to get more of it than when the other babies had to do it for him.

The researchers also found that if the baby is more bashful than his peers, the babies tend to be less confident and less likely to leave their baby in other children’s care, the researchers said.

Researchers also noted that the findings also could be explained by other social-learning strategies, such as what babies are exposed to in the womb and how their personalities change as they grow up.

The new research comes at a time when some experts are calling for a ban on baby bash.

In 2015, a federal judge ruled that baby smacks should be banned in the United States.

But McKeoni said she doesn’t believe that the ban should be tied to a policy that bans baby bash altogether.

“If I can just be more careful in my choices, if I can make sure I can put the baby away from a lot of the other people, I think it’s more likely that that will be the case,” McKayon said.

She noted that when she was pregnant, she didn’t bash her children’s heads at all.

“When I was doing the baby dancing, it was not a problem for me to have them bash each one of my own head,” Mckayon said, adding that she believes it’s important for parents to have a safe and secure place to play.

“Parents need to make the choice to do what they want with their kids.”

You can read the study in the article.

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