How to Keep Kids Off the Streets, by CCOOMELON baby, Muppet Babies

When the world was young, you had to keep kids out of the street and the street was always out of kids.

So why are we having so much trouble keeping kids off the streets today?

Well, the answer is not that kids don’t go to the playground anymore.

The answer is that the world is too busy to make room for them.

This is not a matter of people being lazy or bad at keeping kids in their cars or apartments, but of the way the world works.

Children aren’t in the car to escape.

They’re in the cars because they’re children, and the cars are full of cars.

And as soon as kids are in the street, they’re in a situation where they’re on the streets and that’s just not an ideal environment.

When a child is in the streets, he or she is always surrounded by cars.

So when a kid gets to school or at a playground, there are always at least five or six cars around him or her.

So if a child has a problem at school, he might have trouble getting through the door, or maybe he might not be able to get through the gate.

The cars are there to keep children safe, but they’re not there to make sure that they’re safe.

The car is not an obstacle to safety.

The problem is that kids are constantly confronted with the reality that cars are dangerous and that there’s a chance that a child could get hurt.

And there are times when cars are not just a danger, they can also be an opportunity.

A car in the right spot can be a lifeline for a child.

When kids get in the wrong spot, they get in a car that has no safety net.

They can get in that car and be hurt or killed.

A child who is in a child-oriented car, a car with children in it, that car is an opportunity to escape or to be able go somewhere else, a place that is not crowded.

When you have a child in a kid-oriented vehicle, it can be dangerous to go anywhere.

Kids get in vehicles that are full with adults.

A lot of times, they have to drive with people, with other people, and sometimes with other cars.

Cars are not safe places to be.

They are not places where kids can run away from cars.

The world is not making room for kids anymore.

That’s not a bad thing, but we need to change it.

And that means making sure that kids aren’t always in the center of the traffic and that cars aren’t so busy that they can’t handle all of them.

The best way to keep young children safe is to make them feel safe.

That means giving them a safe space to run around and play, and that means encouraging them to take the time to play in a safe way.

When the kids are safe, they will be less likely to get into a car.

And when the kids can be in a place where they feel safe, kids will play outside and learn about nature and nature’s way of doing things, about the natural world.

Kids will feel safe playing in the sun, in a tree, in the grass, in playgrounds and parks.

They will play in the woods, and they will play on their front porches, on their porches in front of their parents.

They won’t play in front on the porch because there will be people there.

They’ll play in their yards, and in front porch porches and in back yards.

The kids will be in the same place as they are when they play outside.

And so the kids will feel safer when they’re outdoors and when they are in their neighborhood.

But they will also feel safer playing in a playground when the playground is crowded and they have no safety nets.

Kids are not afraid of the world and are not fearful of being hurt or run over.

If kids can play in safe places, they won’t be afraid to get in those places.

So instead of having kids run to safety every time they see an adult running, or getting into a vehicle, we need kids to learn how to run when they see people running.

So that’s the best way for kids to be safe.

When they are safe in their neighborhoods, they’ll be less afraid to run to them when they get into trouble.

And if they can be safe when they have a safe place to run, they are going to be safer in their homes and in their communities.

That is what we need more of, is for kids and adults to learn to get on the same page when it comes to things that they want to do.

They want to go to a park, or they want a playground.

But we can’t have that when kids are running around and playing on the street.

When children run, kids run because they need to escape and because the world can’t do enough to keep them safe.

It’s not enough to

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