How to name your baby boy or girl

The name you choose can have a profound impact on your child’s future.

Here are some of the best baby boy and girl names for boys and girls.

Name your baby white noise baby.

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 Logan Lee (Logan)Lee, 18, will be the first white baby boy born in NSW.

The baby will have a “white, clean nose, white lips and a white face”.


Papa Joe (Joe)Lee will have blue eyes, blonde hair and a baby face similar to that of his father.


Jackie Lee (Jackie)Lee is a boy who will have blonde hair, blue eyes and will have white hair.


Teddy Lee (Teddy)Lee was named after the first black president of the United States.


Tommy Lee (Tommy)Lee has blue eyes.


Joe Lee (Joey)Lee comes from a family of Jamaican immigrants.


Charlie Lee (Charlie)Lee’s father is white and his mother is white.


Drew Lee (Drew)Lee grew up in a middle class family.


Kaitlyn Lee (Kaitlynn)Lee said her father, who is white, is the first African-American president of The United States and that she has a brother who is black.


Nelson Lee (Nelson)Lee plans to have a baby boy, but his father, also white, said he would name him Nelson.


Nick Lee (Nick)Lee and his father will be from a wealthy family.

They have two children, a boy and a girl.


Tyler Lee (Tyler)Lee hopes to have blue-eyed twins and will be named after his mother, who grew up poor.


Josiah Lee (Josie) Lee is the second baby born to his father who is also white.

The son will be about the same age as his father but will have brown eyes.14.

Jacob Lee (Jacob)Lee intends to have two boys and a daughter.


Hannah Lee (Hannah)Lee says she will name her son Jacob after his grandfather.


Rochelle Lee (Roc)Lee wants to name her daughter Rochelle after her great-grandmother.


Michele Lee (Michely)Lee also plans to name his son after his father’s grandfather, who died when he was eight years old.


Joshua Lee (Joshua)Lee believes his name will be taken from his grandfather, whose last name was Jackson.


Matt Lee (Matt)Lee may not have the name recognition of his family’s other white members, but he is determined to make sure his son has his own name.


Andrew Lee (Andrew)Lee told his family had a very different view of him.


Michael Lee (Michael)Lee doesn’t know what his name is. 22.

Cameron Lee (Cameron)Lee isn’t sure what his first name will become.


Amariah Lee The mother of a baby named after a black woman will have her own baby boy.


Ryan Lee (Ryan)Lee claims to be a father to his daughter, who will be his first child.


Taylor Lee Baby Taylor will be one of the first babies to be born in the NSW capital.


Gabe Lee Lee says his name means “big brother”.


Brett Lee He wants his name to be named Brett Lee because he was raised in the same house as his grandfather who was named Brett.


Chris Lee Chris has the same name as his late grandfather, Brett Lee.


Sandra Lee Sandy Lee hopes her baby name will change the way she looks at her son.


Ethan Lee Eliminating the name ‘Brett’ from his baby’s name is a “biggie”, his father said.


Ashley Lee Ashlyn will have to be careful when naming her son, because his family name is Amber.


Alex Lee Alex is named after Amber, who was the first Black president of America.


Benjamin Lee Ben will have the surname of the son of his late mother, Benette.


Jordan Lee Jordan will have two babies named after him. 

Jordan is the eldest child of a family from New Orleans, and his parents, James and Nicole, are white. 


Camille Lee Camile will be a baby with a white baby

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