What are the facts on this controversial bye bye?

A bill in the Texas legislature is drawing fierce opposition from many conservatives who say it will strip Texans of their rights.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill Wednesday and sent it to the full Senate for a vote.

The bill would allow police to remove babies from a pregnant woman and their families if the mother and baby are found to be carrying a deadly virus.

The bill was first introduced in 2016, but was amended last year to allow police departments to remove pregnant women and their babies from the home of a suspected carrier of the coronavirus.

The Texas Tribune obtained a copy of the amended bill.

The proposed legislation would also allow police officers to remove infants from pregnant women who are infected with the virus.

It also allows them to remove the infants from mothers and children if the mothers and babies are found in the home.

The legislation, which was signed into law by Gov.

Greg Abbott last year, has been met with widespread criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

It passed the House in March but was vetoed by Abbott in May.

The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors.

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In addition to its new definition of the term “babies,” the bill also changes how police officers must handle cases involving a child under six months old who is at risk for a deadly coronaviruses infection.

Under the new bill, police officers would be able to remove a child in the presence of a person in a position of trust if they believe that the child is at high risk for the virus or if they are unable to prevent the child from infecting the mother or other family members.

The new bill also removes the exemption that allows police officers, at their discretion, to forcibly remove a pregnant women from the child’s care if the woman and child have been found to have a fatal virus.

The exemption would allow the police officer to forcibly extract the child and place the child in a protective isolation facility for a maximum of three days, instead of the five-day maximum under the previous bill.

The exception to the removal of a child from the mother’s care would only apply to cases in which the mother has a terminal condition, such as cancer, that requires hospitalization.

Under the bill, the Texas Tribune reported that police would be required to notify the mother within 72 hours if the police found the child to be at high-risk for the coronovirus.

If the mother was found to carry the virus and the mother could not contact the police, the mother would not be allowed to remove her child.

The revised bill would also eliminate the exemption allowing police officers in the state to forcibly take away the infant’s hands and feet, although it allows the police to forcibly separate the infant from the parents.

The House Judiciary Committee has passed the revised bill to the House floor, where it is likely to be referred to the Rules Committee, where Republicans will likely have to reconcile it with other bills.

The full House could take up the bill later this week, but there is no guarantee that it will pass the full House and become law.

The full Senate will have to take up a separate bill before the governor can sign it into law.

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