When a baby chicken hatched on a farm, a new reality for chickens

Baby chickens have hatched in Oregon.

The Oregonian newspaper says one of them, named Bala, hatched Thursday.

A second, named Aya, hatched Friday.

Both chicks will be taken to a breeder in Florida for the next year, Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife said in a news release.

The chicks are now in the care of a breeding organization.

The breeder, Calfornia-based Fertility & Baby Chicks, is working to raise as many as 1,000 chicks in a year.

“It’s an exciting time for us to see this kind of growth and this level of quality,” Brey said.

Fertility & Babies is based in California.

More:The breeder is raising two chicks a year, Brey explained.

One chick is in the breeder’s care in Florida.

There are still plenty of hurdles for breeding these chickens, Breyer said.

One is that a brester will need to breed eggs that are different from those hatched in the field, which is very difficult to do in the Northwest.

Another challenge is that the chicks can’t be kept on a large farm, Brery said.

There is no such thing as a large, well-fenced chicken farm.

Brey and his wife, Lori, will be raising two of the chicks in Brey’s backyard.

The rest will be raised in Breyt’s barn in the Portland suburb of Lodi, Oregon.

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