How India has become the first country to use ‘self-inflicted’ thalidome baby death as ‘victory’

A baby who was injected with a drug that kills dengue fever and tetanus-type infections died on Wednesday after he was placed into a neonatal intensive care unit at the National Institute of Health (NIR).

The boy’s mother, who is now in her 60s, had given birth to the baby in April and died later that month after complications from the drug.

The girl is now six months old and is undergoing treatment at the institute.

The death was the latest of a series of cases of thalidomas, which are infections caused by the bacterium dengues.

India has now become the only country in the world to use thalidomicides as a strategy to eradicate dengesis, and the country is the first in the developing world to implement such an approach.

It has been widely blamed for the deaths of more than 3,000 babies born with tetanus in the past two years.

The NIR is the main national laboratory that manages the world’s largest stockpile of thaliomide.

This year, the country has more than 6,000 children under age six who have died from thalidoms, and most of the cases have been reported in the eastern state of Uttar Pradesh, which is home to the state capital of Lucknow.

The state government has pledged to find out why so many of the children have died, but the deaths have been blamed on dengus and other mosquito-borne infections.

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