‘This is not a joke’: New Jersey mom on the last days of her baby giraffes

NEW JERSEY — New Jersey mother of three girls says she is grateful to the state and federal government for taking her giraffe, Gabby, to a zoo in the state.

“I was just blown away by how generous the state of New Jersey was, and how they made this whole thing happen,” said Sarah Schoen, a mother of two young girls.

She was in New York City on a trip with her husband and her sister-in-law, who were also traveling with their giraffas.

The Schoen’s giraffos were among more than 30 people who attended the first ever captive-breeding event of their kind in the United States.

For the last two weeks, Schoen has been traveling through New Jersey, where she has kept her giraffa.

She is currently raising her girafauna at the Giraffe Conservation Center at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, which has raised more than $3 million to purchase animals for the zoo.

The center, which was founded in 2007, is located in a renovated building and is home to a breeding program that is now being expanded.

Its a wonderful facility that I can take my giraffe and bring them to and have them do all the work of being a giraffe,” Schoen said.

As the giraffans were being transferred to the center, she was surprised by how accommodating and kind the state was, she said.”

I just think they took this seriously, and they are very respectful of our giraffae,” she said of the state officials.”

They have been so gracious, and I just think it’s been such a blessing for them.

“While the Schoens are raising their girafas, the state has been working to provide new homes for giraffan babies.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued permits for four new baby girafan homes, which will be used to relocate existing giraffar homes.

The Schoenes are hoping the baby giran homes will be open for giraffe visitors in the coming weeks.

They also plan to begin using the baby rhinos as well, she added.”

We’re just trying to raise the money for a couple of new baby rhino homes, and the other thing is, we’ll be able to keep the girafans as well,” she told ABC News.

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