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A baby doll made of baby’s own flesh and blood was created in Australia to help newborns cope with the loss of their mothers. 

The doll was made in partnership with Australian studio The Baby Company. 

Its creator, Stephanie Lippert, says that she has created the doll because she wants to help babies cope with their mothers’ loss and her own experience of losing a baby. 

“I had a daughter when she was a little girl,” Lipperton said. 

She said that the dolls are made from the body parts of her daughter, the youngest of whom was born on July 23, 2017.

“I want them to know that there are other babies in this world who were like us, and they’re there to help and care for them, and I think that’s really important.” 

Lippert said she has been trying to find a solution to help baby babies cope because of her own mother’s death.

“She was my only child and I knew she wasn’t going to survive,” Lidderton said, adding that she thought the dolls would be a solution. 

Lidderton hopes to create a doll of her mother in 2020.

“For me, she was my best friend and she loved me,” Lizzert said.

“She never left me.” 

The dolls are currently on display at the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Nursing in Sydney.

 The Royal Australian Institute of Marine Science said that Lippart’s dolls were a good way to give babies comfort and encourage them to get out of their comfort zones. 

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