What is this? It’s the new ‘Burt’s Bees Baby’

Burt’s Busters’ Baby has been born and is the latest in a line of “new bees” that have been introduced in Italy over the last year.

Burtts Baby is named after the late singer-songwriter and songwriter Burtis “Burt” Bennett.

He was the singer and producer behind the band The Beatles, the late Brian Wilson and the likes of Bob Dylan and Bob Marley.

He died in 2000. 

Bennett, who also played guitar and was an opera singer, died of liver cancer at the age of 56 in 2001. 

The baby was born on April 9 in Milan, where Bennett’s band was performing at the Opera House. 

It was born at the Giornalazzo, the city’s famous opera house, and was given the name Burt.

Bennett died of heart failure in August of last year, while Bennett’s son, Daniel, was born in October.

Bretta Cervini, a former member of Bennett’s family, tweeted that the baby was named for the singer, and that it had been made with “natural bees”.

“Burt was born for a reason, he was a good father,” Cervinis said.

“He was an actor and song writer and he was always talking about how his son was going to grow up and that’s why he named his son Burt because he wanted to give him that same feeling.”

I think the name is very fitting, and I’m very happy to have a name for a son like Burt.

“The singer’s grandson, Ryan Bennett, said he was “delighted” to be involved in the new project, adding that he was delighted to have “a little boy of my own”.”

We will be doing a few live performances and then we’ll start filming on the Burt Baby tour. “

We are very excited to be working with him.

Bennett’s band, which he created in 1969, have been touring the world in support of their latest album.”

It’s an exciting time for all of us as we have been working on this for several months now.”

Bennett’s band, which he created in 1969, have been touring the world in support of their latest album.

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