Why the new baby bed bug report is a sign of things to come: A look at the data

A new baby bug report has emerged after more than 300,000 Australian households were left wondering about the safety of their bedding, with the number of new cases increasing by 50 per cent in just two weeks.

In a report released on Thursday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said bed bug reports had surged by 50.8 per cent, while the number reporting new bed bugs had increased by 10.9 per cent.

“While bed bugs can be a very challenging, challenging problem, they are also relatively easy to treat,” the ABS’s head of research, Paul Kelly, told reporters.

“And once you get rid of the bed bug, you have to start dealing with other issues, including the potential for other infestations.”

It is an ongoing process that requires ongoing work.

“Kelly said the increase in the number reported bed bugs would continue for the foreseeable future, with more than 4 million Australians believed to have been bitten.”

I think we’re seeing a gradual increase in that number,” he said.”

That will continue, and I think we will see it grow, and we’ll see that the numbers will eventually come down.

“Kelly told reporters the ABS was trying to determine why the spike in the reported cases was occurring and the reasons behind it.

He said the ABS would be working with other organisations and organisations across the country to identify any underlying factors.”

We are going to be looking at all the relevant data, we are going, ‘what are the causes?’,” Kelly said.”[And] where do we find the underlying cause of this?

“He said there was no reason why bed bugs could not spread to other areas of the country.”

There is no reason to believe that there is a particular source for this,” he told reporters in Melbourne.

Kelly said he hoped the data would assist those who were worried about bed bugs in their homes.”

For many, the impact is felt in the bedroom,” he added.”

So to see a rise in that, it’s a great example of how a change in behaviour can affect people’s lives.

“The report came after the Australian Human Rights Commission urged the Government to ban the importation of baby bedbug bedding into the country, arguing the products were not tested for safety and could contain chemicals and other dangerous ingredients.

The commission said there had been a surge in bedbug sightings in recent weeks, which coincided with a sharp increase in imports of baby formula, toys and other products.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has also criticised the Government’s response to the rise in bed bugs.

It said the Government was not adequately responding to the concerns of the public and that it was unable to control the import of new bedbug-resistant bedding.

The ABC has contacted the Department of Health for comment.

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