How to adopt a baby hippopotamus

A baby hippos calf is being cared for in a nursery in the UK, after it was found wandering in a garden.

The hippos, which weigh about 40lbs, were captured by a local wildlife charity after being released into the countryside.

The group said they had been abandoned by their owners, who have since moved the animals to a zoo.

The zoo said it was a “sad and heartbreaking” situation.

The animal was rescued from a nearby field by wildlife rescue volunteers, who are currently looking after it.

A vet and a wildlife biologist are working to get it well enough to be put down, it was said.

The charity said it had been able to track the calf back to a home near the village of Fynde.

The zoo added it was “surprised” that the animal was still alive, after having been taken away by a vet. “

The hippo was taken by volunteers to the Fynges Zoo, and has now been brought back to the care of a vet and wildlife biologist.”

The zoo added it was “surprised” that the animal was still alive, after having been taken away by a vet.

The baby hippoos are not native to the UK and are not legally recognised by the wildlife charity.

“Hippos are not wild animals and are therefore very unlikely to be wild in the wild,” the group said.

Animals are often kept as pets, but are rarely released.

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