Why the UK’s new government must be honest about immigration and welfare: The Independent

By Jeremy SelwynThe Independent on Sunday 12 March 2017 00:01:52The government’s latest budget reveals its focus on immigration as a key challenge facing the country.

The government’s plans to boost the number of people coming to Britain from the EU and Asia, and its plan to increase the amount of free school meals, are seen as key to attracting more immigrants.

The plan to bring in as many as 600,000 immigrants is welcomed by many in the Conservative Party.

But it is also a stark departure from the Conservative party’s record.

Under its leadership from 1997-2010, the Conservatives, who lost power in 2010, have spent more than £100 million on immigration.

It has also seen the UK become more open to migrants, who have made up the majority of the country’s population in recent decades.

A key issue for many Conservative voters, though, is that many of the migrants coming to the UK do not have work.

So far, more than 5.5 million people have been granted permission to work in the UK.

Immigration is also the biggest issue for the SNP, with the party’s leader Nicola Sturgeon having been criticised by many over her handling of the issue.

She has also said she will be open to reducing immigration.

The party is planning to publish a comprehensive immigration policy by the end of March.

Meanwhile, there are also a number of policies on welfare that the SNP has criticised the government over.

As part of its welfare policy, the SNP would cut the amount people are allowed to claim.

This would result in a huge cut in the welfare budget for the poorest households.

This policy is also seen by many as being designed to make the poorest in society feel worse off, and as having a negative effect on society overall.

There are also plans to raise the amount that people are entitled to claim from the state.

This is seen by some as a way of trying to make it harder for people to get the jobless benefits they need.

If the government does take the welfare cuts into account, it is estimated that the number will be less than 100,000 people, but there are fears that this could change.

At the moment, the government says it is looking at all options to boost immigration.

But it is not clear if they will be enough.

What do you think?

Do you agree or disagree with the Tories’ immigration plans?

More on the immigration debate:What you need to know about immigration policy:

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