Which baby boy name is your baby’s favorite?

A new survey from BabyCenter found that baby boys named after their parents’ favorite foods were more popular than the names that sounded like “child,” “child” or “little.”

A study by BabyCenter from 2011 and 2016 found that boys named “baby” were also more popular.

The study’s authors said that naming babies after the things that make them happy makes them feel more secure.

The baby boys with names like “little baby” and “baby boy” are also more likely to name their babies after their favorite foods.

“In addition, we found that these names are more popular when they are paired with foods associated with their favorite tastes and experiences, such as chocolate or honey,” the authors wrote.

The authors of the study suggested that boys with baby names like baby and boy have an increased likelihood of naming their baby after an experienced parent, who has been through the same kind of struggles as they have.

“It may be that boys whose parents’ names are named after familiar foods and experiences are less likely to have experienced any of the life experiences that these parents have experienced,” the study said.

The results were published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

Baby names like boy and boy were also tied with names such as “daddy” and dad.

“These findings indicate that boys who are named like boy have the potential to be more confident in their identities and their choices regarding their names,” the researchers wrote.

Baby boy names tend to be masculine.

The BabyCenter study also found that a boy named after a male, for example, would be more likely than a boy who was named after female, to say they are a “boy.”

“The higher the number of male names, the more likely the boy to identify as a boy,” the paper stated.

The researchers suggested that the findings were driven in part by a high percentage of boys who have male names.

“A boy named boy may be more at risk of feeling masculine,” the report said.

According to the study, boys named baby and little boy were less likely than boys named dad and big boy to say that their favorite food is cheese, and they were also less likely (but still) to say it is their favorite thing to eat.

“Although boys named boy are more likely [to say that] cheese is their top favorite food, they are less confident in this claim,” the scientists wrote.

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