The Amazing Rainbow Baby: How a Child’s Secret Parents Revealed Their Favorite Colors

In his book, The Rainbow Baby, author Mike Smith talks about his search for a child with a special genetic gift to identify and love his favorite colors.

Smith’s book was the first book ever published in a color-blind community and is now available for sale.

In the book, Smith and his wife, Jennifer, explore the birth of their first child, a boy with rainbow-colored eyes.

The book was written in response to the “Rainbow Baby” campaign that raised money for Rainbow Child Care.

It was created to encourage parents to look for children with rainbow colors in their homes, and to help parents find their children.

“We were really inspired by the Rainbow ChildCare project,” Smith said.

“It really brought home that people with rainbow families are just as special as those with normal families.

They are the real deal.

So that’s the inspiration behind the Rainbow Baby book.”

Smith is a child psychologist, and he and his partner, Kristin, have three children: daughter, a preschool teacher, and son, a high school student.

Their son, Brandon, is autistic.

In the book he says that when he and Jennifer were looking for a family to adopt, they found that their son Brandon was also autistic and needed extra support.

So, the couple created Rainbow Baby.

“I was just really impressed with how it helped Brandon understand that his eyes were a little bit different than a lot of other kids,” Smith explained.

“And I think he really appreciated it.”

The Rainbow Baby website features a rainbow baby page, which has over 20,000 likes.

“There are so many wonderful people who’ve donated their hearts, and their blood, and everything, to the Rainbow Care project,” Jennifer Smith said in a statement to ABC News.

“We can’t thank them enough.”

The couple has found that Brandon is now a fan of the Rainbow Family and a regular visitor at Rainbow Childcare, which is based in their hometown of Lakeville, Minnesota.

“Brandon loves it because it means that we have a chance to be there for each other, and I really think it’s the best gift that you can give your child,” Jennifer said.

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